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As your full-service digital partner, we deliver innovative thinking, scientific UI/UX design, and sophisticated development.

We work with you to create attractive websites, impactful applications, and modern enterprise systems people love to use. Through your vision and our collaboration, our team of strategists, designers, and developers will build fresh experiences that keep your customers coming back for more. Bring us your challenges. We’ll bring incredible talent, amazing ideas, and Fresh perspective.

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From strategy to execution, our winning combination of innovative thinking, scientific design, sophisticated development, and ongoing analysis ensure we’re delivering value to help you grow.


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With eight years of experience working on hundreds of projects, we've honed our processes to a specific goal: getting results. We care about understanding you and your customers, in service of creating experiences that deliver.

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This Week. April 28, 2016

Optimizing Laravel Performance

Laravel is currently the most popular PHP framework for building a variety of sites and applications. Here at Fresh, we’ve built both complex Laravel API platforms and simple portals. The set of libraries and architecture that Laravel provides makes it easy to build amazing sites using well structured and “beautiful code” (their words exactly). Sometimes with frameworks … Continued

This Week. April 26, 2016

Fresh Welcomes Students from the Overlake School

Fresh recently welcomed a small group of design and development students from The Overlake School for an in-house digital design seminar with CEO Jeff Dance and Developers Chris Allen and Kaya Kim. It was a productive exchange. Getting Fresh The students became part of our team for the afternoon, joining us for our daily lunch … Continued

Last Week. April 22, 2016

UI/UX Principle #24: Powerful Imagery Drives User Experience

Visual imagery plays a large role in determining the perceived quality and memorability of a website’s user experience. When users come to your page, they’ll have some kind of reaction. Whether it’s positive or negative, in large part, is determined by what they see. There is technique in choosing, building, and designing visuals. It’s vital … Continued

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