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Product development is a complex, multi-disciplinary effort that spans the full product lifecycle: strategy, design, development, and engineering. Some product development consulting firms focus on a specific part of the process like market trends, customer needs, product concepts, or customer satisfaction. At Fresh, we guide you from end-to-end, ideation through implementation.

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Core competencies for product development

  • Acceptance criteria development
  • Complete system interface definition
  • Component Engineering
  • Compliance Management
  • Design analysis and optimization for tooling and assembly
  • Design evaluation for manufacturability and test
  • Design for service and warranty channel support
  • Design Verification Test and Engineering Planning
  • Domestic and global manufacturing partner selection and management
  • End-to-end architecture development
  • End to end market, competitor, and product analysis
  • Gauge R&R planning and execution
  • Incoming and outgoing inspection best practices
  • IP enclosure design
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Material design and optimization
  • New Product Introduction
  • New Unique and Different product risk identification and management
  • On-site line bring-up
  • Product build volume optimization
  • Product life cycle analysis and optimization
  • Product packaging design
  • Requirement definition and management
  • Qualification of equipment and processes
  • Risk and issue identification, management and mitigation
  • Shipping container design and optimization
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Test Suite development planning and execution
  • Tooling design, development and vendor selection
  • User story and scenario definition

A vertically integrated approach to product development and product management

Fresh combines full-service strategy, design, software, and hardware services to give our clients a competitive product development edge. What will resonate in the market? How do you ensure your industrial or innovative products are ruggedized and field-ready? What’s the most effective approach to manufacturing at scale?

Fresh’s holistic team can help you make critical strategic decisions across your product’s life-cycle, from the initial idea to adoption, from service and maintenance to creating future versions targeted at an evolved customer base.


Seamless, integrated consulting services

Establish a Strategic Foundation
Our process begins with building a strategic foundation so that every aspect of product development is accounted for and addressed.

Innovate Intelligently
Innovation is incremental. We help clients understand what’s attainable, then plan to create feasible product milestones.

A Dedicated Partnership
Our team prizes longevity. A lasting relationship positions you for short-term and long-term success.

Cross-disciplinary product development

Fresh product developers provide a variety of related services so that every aspect of your project, from conceptualization to launch, is accounted for.

We provide mechanical engineering-related services including mechanical product architecture, electronics optimization, complex injection-molded and 3D printed part design, design for manufacturability and assembly, waterproofing design, risk identification and mitigation planning, and prototyping and evaluation

We provide electrical engineering-related services including architecture component and technology analysis, HMI Systems, embedded design, and PCB design

We provide robotics and automation-related services including end-to-end market, competitor, and product analysis, firmware development, actuator specification and design, control systems, equipment procurement, navigation and localization, mission control platforms, and supplier negotiation

We provide product testing-related services including test planning and procedure development, performance and reliability testing, failure analysis, safety and compliance, and certification management

We provide firmware engineering-related services including process methodology, embedded systems, PCBA support, and FPGA Development

We provide software & cloud integration-related services including custom software development, control systems, web applications, AI and Machine Learning, IoT product development, backend services, data collection, and analytics

We provide UX and industrial design-related services including dashboard and interface design, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, high fidelity rendering, and color, material, and finish

We provide brand and marketing-related services including brand strategy and analysis, campaign design, product launch identity systems, and brand collateral creation

Our proven product development process

Explore our multidisciplinary approach. From ideation to execution, we provide guidance at every step.


Related hardware capabilities

Explore our other engineering services, which allow our team to solve challenges for your organization and others, regardless of size, industry vertical, or product category.