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Across the iOS App Store, Google Play, and anywhere else that users buy and download apps, they’re faced with millions of different options. For businesses that want a specific tool, the possibilities are endless. Fresh’s team of strategic, aesthetically-minded designers can help you build an experience that stands out amidst the competition and fulfills business and user needs.

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Create a customized, lovable application

In an age where everything vies for our attention, and attention is limited, you need to create a lovable digital experience that generates user loyalty and creates delight that goes beyond pure usability.

Our clients and partners are provided with a Minimum Lovable Product. We take an agile approach to design and development, ensuring that your prototype functions as intended, meets core user expectations, and delivers on target business KPIs. But we also go the extra mile with attention to both aesthetics and research, creating experiences that are tailored to users and generate maximum engagement and customer loyalty.

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Design and strategy for any platform

Hybrid: Hybrid development is cheaper than pure native development because it uses a single code base. Hybrid apps are also easier to maintain and quicker to develop. We provide the strategy and development talent to expedite your solution.

Native: With expertise in languages like Swift, Java, and Kotlin, the Fresh team provides mobile strategy consulting and development for native operating systems. If you need to optimize your app for maximum performance on a specific OS, our team can help.

Progressive web apps: Not all apps need to be hosted on a store or downloaded. We can also build mobile accessible, optimized progressive web apps that allow your users to access your content from various browsers.

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