Customer Experience Consulting

Customer Experience (CX) is the sum of a customer’s experiences across various touchpoints of an organization’s products and services throughout their entire relationship. For clients concerned with the usability of a product, system, or service, Fresh’s customer experience consulting services can provide tailored guidance on how to better reach your audience and capitalize on opportunities for innovation. Without a deep understanding of customer experience management, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and even the employee experience can be hindered.


Seamlessly navigate customer experience strategy options

As industries change and markets fluctuate, companies should think strategically about how to evolve. As fellow innovators, customer experience consultants at Fresh recommend embracing customer experience as a permanent state of mind in the same way that customers often do.

Our team of strategists, designers, developers, and engineers will spend time understanding your current customer experience strategy, what’s possible for the future, pain points, gaps, and opportunities. Our proven methodology and track record of creating strategies for a winning customer experience and better employee experiences give us the knowledge to help. We’ll inventory all of the phases, tasks, devices, and processes that make up your company’s product or service offering, so you can clearly see the current versus the future state.

The resulting strategic vision for the future is a catalyst, not a conclusion. We deliver strategic roadmaps for development in customer experience training, foster empathy for your customers, and generate organization-wide understanding and stakeholder buy-in.


Tackle customer experience challenges

User-centered Opportunities
The Fresh team can plug in wherever you need it, helping you optimize workflows and make your products more user-friendly with a variety of approaches including:

  • Empathy maps: visualize user attitudes and behaviors to understand the customer’s mindset
  • Journey maps: understand how people have personalized interactions with your brand’s product(s) or service(s)
  • CX research: gain insight into the end user’s behavior and product sentiments

Business-centered Challenges
Utilize technology and proprietary tools and innovate through business process modeling, creating service blueprints that diagram the relationship between people, processes, and technology.


Meet the age of automation head-on

A key focus at Fresh is understanding how to create meaningful human experiences in the age of automation. We create robots, tactical machines that do things, but we also design human experiences, strategic workflows that make our encounters with those autonomous machines seamless and intuitive.

Whether you’re doing full robotic system integration on an industrial job site or creating a mobile app that allows consumers to experience your products with AR or VR functionality, we help you understand how to bring meaning to the points where machines and humans meet.

Leverage our CX Consulting Services

We offer a variety of CX consulting services in three key areas.

Stakeholder interviews, business objective analysis, functional requirement gathering, understanding technology constraints, outlining the service ecosystem, persona creation, competitive analysis, metrics and benchmarking, field-based contextual research

User stories and story maps, business process modeling, service blueprint mapping, customer journey mapping, experience mapping, product and service vision creation, product roadmaps, messaging and positioning strategy, go-to-market strategy

Industrial design, UI design, interaction design, service design, storyboarding, digital prototypes, physical prototypes, video work, technology integration

Our proven CX process

Explore our approach to optimizing a customer’s experiences at every touchpoint of an organization’s brand, with crucial insights on how to reach audiences and capitalize on opportunities for innovation.



Explore our other strategic services, which allow our team to solve challenges for your organization and others, regardless of size, industry vertical, or product category.