Professional Video Production Services

Video has the unmatched potential to convert prospective buyers into paying customers. Fresh’s in-house video production team utilizes original art, scripting, motion, and music to distill your message creatively. We work with clients to help them meet the needs of their video and digital marketing strategy, offering corporate video production services that will convey your brand's voice. Our video and digital marketing strategy team can provide your business with long-term assets to broadcast your message and boost your brand’s engagement.


In-house, full-service video production

In a world where video content marketing is constantly created and customer attention is harder than ever to capture, understanding the benefits of high-end video is essential. As a professional video production company should, Fresh’s collaborative and professional process does an excellent job of optimizing the experience and ultimately producing video that compels your audience to action.

Whether you’re looking to create animated videos, explainer videos, broadcast videos, or something else entirely, we can help. We at Fresh can aid with the entire process, from raw footage to the final product. 

From one captivating animated video to a series of demo videos marketing an interconnected suite of products, our team can produce anything. But our ability to identify your unique business needs and design tailored custom assets sets us apart. Our video production team utilizes original art, high-end graphics, motion, writing, storyboards, music, and voice acting to bring your story to life in whatever format.

With the many tools at our disposal, Fresh’s video team can compensate for any communications director, creative director, managing director, corporate photography director, content marketing project manager, or social media manager that your business does not have on hand. Your consumer products and services are worth knowing about. Our video production team will create viral media that you need to amplify your vision.

Designed for quality, from concept to creation

Like all of Fresh’s full-service processes, our approach to video work starts with identifying our clients’ goals. We go beyond creating deliverables to providing the strategic consultation services you need to gain an edge over your competitors.

During the initial stages of the project, our video production team will investigate your unique challenge to gain a firm understanding of potential solutions and marketing opportunities.

We reserve time on the front end to get the narrative concepts right, ensuring that every service we offer ties back to your business and marketing strategies, with the specific intent of influencing your target audience in a way that builds your business.

Unlike other video production companies, all of Fresh’s video production services are completed by one in-house team. We never outsource to agencies unfamiliar with our client’s vision, target users, and business and marketing goals. Our holistic approach to video ensures that your end product is authentic, tailored to your unique requirements and geared for ROI.

Our proven video production process

Explore our in-house video production approach utilizing original art, scripting, motion, and music to distill your message and provide a viral asset for evangelizing your brand, products, and services.


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