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Design thinking offers a powerful set of techniques and methods for problem solving in creative work. Its most critical command is putting the user at the heart of every discussion, from brainstorming ideas to framing product journeys to create human-centric designs.

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Leveraging design thinking for collaboration

Design thinking allows groups and teams to work together with a common set of tools toward a shared, co-owned goal. The approach is core to building consensus around the great driver of strategic thinking: a diagnosis.

Analog or digital, in the room or remotely, Fresh builds and maintains an extensive library of design thinking exercises and has a cohort of skilled facilitators that can apply design thinking tools to an incredibly wide array of problems across every conceivable industry.


Championing unbiased innovation

When you partner with Fresh, you get independent design thinking with no politics, no preconceived notions, and no agendas. We have a connected team of design talent in our open environment to efficiently find solutions, explore and design creative options, create new products or services, and imagine more.

Our core focus is innovation: pairing creativity and strategy to design effective solutions. We want to solve your most challenging problems and work together on your most promising opportunities with our collaborative team and design thinking capabilities.

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