Integrating an experience


We created a compelling showcase for one of Jamaica’s most trusted financial institutions

The Challenge

National Commercial Bank Jamaica (NCB) approached Fresh to completely redesign their existing retail and commercial websites and web applications. Their goal was to strengthen engagement and drive their core business with digitally-driven products, comprehensive analytics, and integrated channels.

Our Solution

Fresh consolidated four sites into one with the complete redesign, delivering 120 clickable wireframes and 60 mockups, along with a web-based brand book with guidelines for navigation, buttons, colors, typography, and imagery. From user testing to information architecture, from brand analysis to style guide implementation, we provided strategic consultation and creative services for everything NCB needed to build and roll out a modern, usable experience for their customers.

Key Contributors

Jamie Malsam
Jamie Malsam
Marc Wallace
Marc Wallace
Teage Christensen
Teage Christensen

On-site research and strategy

Fresh designers and developers traveled to Jamaica to interview stakeholders and users and better understand their challenges. Extensive interviews and user tests revealed that the challenge would be consolidation. There was good material to draw from across the various sites, but saving time updating, building, and maintaining the future site was essential. We also focused on cohesion, ensuring that styles were carried throughout various customer touchpoints.

Improving credibility, trust, and reach

Joining the various sites together had several core benefits. The primary four were promoting easy-to-understand products, making page content easier to scan, creating more seamless navigation, and strengthening the brand by telling an aesthetically compelling story about who NCB is and why customers should trust them.

Because products were scattered across four different sites and pages were overly text-heavy, critical information was lost. In addition to increasing scannability and incorporating informative copy, we also updated the visuals and added a feature comparison tool.


Made for mobile

Vital efforts to expand the organization's reach included improving the home page content, making the site accessible across various devices and platforms, and ensuring that security information was front and center. Every aspect of the experience needed to be seamlessly responsive as a high proportion of their users are preferred mobile usage.


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