UX/UI Design

User experience and user interface design, or UX/UI, is the art of designing digital products tailored to the way humans think about and interact with technology. Fresh has established a proven, scientific process for creating experiences that fulfill user needs and satisfy business goals.
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Get better results with data-driven UX

An exceptional user experience means fewer frustrated users, more loyal customers, and productivity savings for your company. By strategizing upfront, you can create products your users love and accomplish your business objectives simultaneously.

Partner with Fresh to:

  • Understand the psychology of user behavior
  • Test designs and concepts iteratively
  • Strategize for conversion, adoption, and retention
  • Benchmark sales and marketing, and deliver on KPIs

Leveraging scientific methods for human-centered design

Creating cohesive user experiences requires considering the micro and macro details of design. We start with focused research about your market, your users’ needs, and your business goals. With a broad, multi-dimensional perspective in place, we create experiences that deliver bottom-line value but are above all human-centered.

We test concepts rigorously. Compelling product experiences embolden your brand and improve your customers’ perceptions of it. Starting with our years of collective design experience is essential, but continually gathering data allows us to unlock deeper insights about your users and address their needs in a way that creates a long-lasting impression.

Our proven UX/UI process

Explore how we approach the art and science of designing digital products that fulfill user needs and satisfy business goals. With a holistic process, we tailor products to your users.


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