Electrical Engineering

Partner with Fresh and leverage our full-spectrum electrical engineering capabilities. With an emphasis on performance, reliability, and long-term durability, we design, develop, and test systems-level solutions for robotics, manufacturing automation, product development, and much more.

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Core competencies for electrical engineering

  • Actuation and gate control
  • Charging and discharging circuits
  • Communication protocol development
  • Component and technology analysis and selection
  • Cost/performance analysis
  • cRio-based test instrumentation
  • Design for test, manufacturability, and assembly
  • Displays and indicators
  • Flex connectors
  • Haptic and touch user interfaces
  • High- and low-band frequency interference design
  • High- and low-voltage interference systems
  • High-current system optimization
  • High-speed digital layout
  • Human interaction sensors (sonars, lasers, video)
  • Light beam safety systems
  • PCB layout services
  • Performance-to-cost analysis
  • Power supply design
  • Microvias, ball grid array (BGA), and 2mil trace width
  • Mixed, analog and digital circuit development and optimization
  • Multi-material/ membrane printed circuits (FPC and Rigid/Flex)
  • Regulatory certification
  • Reliability testing
  • RF Antenna design
  • Safety compliance
  • Self-contained devices to hardware ecosystems
  • Sensors, actuators, and control systems
  • SoC integration
  • SoM integration
  • Technology selection roadmaps
  • Transfer to contract manufacturing
  • Ultra low power devices
  • 4- to 64-bit microcontrollers

Leveraging electricity for functional, efficient systems

Fresh electrical engineers collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams, including robotics, mechanical, and firmware engineers, and software developers, to create sophisticated products and systems. We collaborate with you to develop rapid prototypes, prove concepts, and then develop designs and specifications for manufacturing and production.

From industries spanning aerospace to consumer goods and use cases from robotic systems integration to manufacturing automation, we provide proven processes to manage timelines and resources and deliver according to your rigorous deadlines.

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