In a microservice architecture, smaller autonomous services work together as part of a larger business process. These smaller services can be developed, deployed and scaled more efficiently than a monolithic application, increasing the agility of your development team. Partner with Fresh to decrease the risk of developing new features and increase the rate you release these new features to your customers.

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Run your software in the Cloud with greater efficiency

With a microservice architecture, you can shift the strategic conversation from “What features are our priority for next year?” to  “What features are our priority next week?”

With our breadth of business strategy, front-end design and development, and back-end microservice architecture, we help clients prioritize what processes to move into the Cloud and how to do so effectively. We provide customized consultation on whether to rent a whole server, clustering microservices, or go serverless with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. 

Whether your use case is automating supply chains or managing a fleet of autonomous robots, we provide consultation and development services to build your solution effectively.

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