Robotic Systems Integration

When “off-the-shelf” robot platforms and other individual tools have a track record of only getting you 70% of the way to solving your unique challenges, you need an integration partner to help you get to the finish line you’ve defined. From conceptual robotic systems to full-scale deployment by Fresh’s robotic system integrators and engineers, we have you covered every step of the way. Let us help you build a custom solution, a complete and successful integration that meets your unique challenges.

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Core competencies for robotic systems

  • Attachment and implement design and integration
  • Business dashboards and mission control manager
  • Cloud services architecture, design and development
  • Communication reliability optimization
  • Connectivity, communications, and network design
  • Custom PCBA development
  • Data integration and processing
  • Defining system use-cases, requirements, and other environmental demands
  • Discovery and understanding of business objectives
  • End to end market, competitor, and product analysis
  • Entity OTA update management
  • Entity tele-op control
  • Firmware development
  • Fleet health management
  • Fleet mission status
  • Full autonomous development, control and optimization
  • Gateway optimization
  • Operational cost management
  • Operations dashboard
  • Middleware integration
  • Mission control
  • Mission waypoint generation, management and status
  • Payload design
  • Point-to-point navigation
  • Resource, capacity and actuals management
  • Requirements definition
  • Safety and security
  • Scaling, servicing, and supporting
  • Sensor fusion
  • Sensor integration
  • Simulation based development and integration
  • System Architecture and UX design
  • Task definition, management and status
  • Telemetry and informatics capture
  • Telemetry management
  • Tele-op control
  • Testing and documentation
  • User story and scenario definition
  • Vehicle fleet inventory management
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End-to-end robotics, automation, and engineering expertise

Our years of experience working with robots and automation has taught us one important lesson: it’s nearly impossible to find a complete robot solution that is truly purpose-built to solve your unique challenges, in your unique environments, and with your unique processes and people. When you work with Fresh’s robotics integrators, you don’t have to navigate the maze of robotics technology on your own.

Whether your robotic systems integration challenge is solving for dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks, or improving operations, productivity, and throughput, Fresh engineers will bring together all the right pieces from the best in the industry to help you create a tailored, innovative system.


Helping you ask the right questions

Where do these robots and systems need to operate, charge, and be stored?  What performance metrics need to be achieved?  Regarding your data, how does the system connect to your network? Where will data be stored, organized, and delivered? How do you make the system fail-safe and secure? We help answer any questions that aspects of industrial automation can bring up.

With respect to integrating with your existing workflows, what do the user experience and operator interface look like? What is the right level of onsite autonomy versus remote automation operations? How do you train your staff to work collaboratively and confidently with these new industrial automation systems?

An “off-the-shelf” approach doesn’t address the intricacies of robotic system integration or provide clarity on how your system will scale in response to future changes in your organization and industry landscape.

That’s where Fresh’s core differentiation lies. You understand the finish line. We help you get there faster, with well-made, strategic solutions customized to your industry, your use case, and your unique business requirements.

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