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Customer experience (CX) research uses the latest research techniques to understand the experiences and information that customers generate, refining that data into actionable feedback that can help understand new behaviors and drive engagement across products, services, and experiences.

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Future-proof your business with research insights

Customer experience drives new value through understanding customer data—social, e-commerce, or other engagement-based experiences—through the lens of feedback and business growth.

High-level products and services require CX research-driven data as a constant input to create new features and experiences based on research-based customer insight rather than gut feeling alone.


Partners for dependable customer experience research

From customer experience research to user persona studies to customer interviews, we have experienced designers who understand the value of getting customer insights through research, proving hypotheses, and evaluating options, not designing based on feelings or assumptions. 

With our premier UX/UI industry talent working on CX research, we can provide research to justify important design decisions that contribute to creating customer experiences that convert.


An optimized approach

Fresh’s ability to understand the core business needs and develop surveys, market information, and engagement around core issues gives us a distinct advantage in building a customer research program that is adaptable to every need.

Research into customers’ social experiences begins with helping your business distill information into actionable market feedback and data that can be used to drive new value.

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