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Building successful enterprise business solutions requires an understanding of the unique requirements of your business, as well as the creation of a system that addresses every detail. We deliver sophisticated enterprise business solutions grounded in security, scalability, and data protection for organizations with complex business processes that need a secure and scalable software system.

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Rigorous software craftsmanship for enterprise systems

When quick, off-the-shelf enterprise system solutions don’t meet your requirements, you need an experienced partner who emphasizes strategy, full-service design, agile development, and rigorous testing.

Whether your use case is supply chain management or customer relationship management, your system is handling an abundance of sensitive data, serving a large user base whose needs will change, and leveraging systems that will scale and evolve to meet shifting demands. Unlike some agencies that build a quick solution and hand it off, at Fresh, we deliver solutions built to handle cross-functional organizational responsibilities. Not only do these solutions often handle more, but they are built to last.

With an understanding of emerging technology and the essential role of the Cloud, we guide clients from ideation to execution and beyond.


Full-service development of enterprise systems

Security: Enterprise systems, sometimes called enterprise platforms or enterprise applications, are large-scale software application packages that leverage large streams of sensitive information. Our team of enterprise platform developers takes the time to develop and test the system, ensuring that security is prioritized.

Data: Your business processes and workflows are made up of massive amounts of data that need to be handled by an optimized, efficient system. We use proven methodologies to ensure enterprise applications are built to handle your data analytics requirements and protect your data.

Testing: Because of the enterprise demand for security, scalability, and integration, we place a premium on rigorous testing. Our developers ensure that each part of your system functions as expected and according to requirements.

Meet the future with confidence

Consolidate enterprise business platforms
We look at your database, web app services, and file storage and figure out the best way to join these enterprise business platforms together with one server. We also prioritize harmonization, creating systems that communicate throughout your technology ecosystem intelligently.

Easier development and maintenance of enterprise business platforms
By working in an agile environment and identifying MVPs for every sprint, we take an iterative approach to development where smaller units of meaningful code and features are created, ensuring a workable workflow after handoff.

Migration and integration services
Clients and partners can be confident in our ability to use the Cloud, which for some projects saves time and money by automating tasks. We also scale systems across multiple web servers, which makes updates easier.

Cross-disciplinary robotics and automation
Across our organization, strategy, design, development, and engineering are integrated. With skill in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we support robotics integrators in creating smart, scalable autonomous systems.

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