Fintech is transforming the financial industry with tools that empower consumers, personalize experiences, and help traditional financial institutions meet today's customer demands. Fresh helps fintech companies to develop new products, enhance operational efficiency, improve risk management, and build customer loyalty.


Preparing for the future of finance

In light of today’s user needs and an increasingly connected world, exploring fintech is vital for financial organizations. For those willing to invest in transformation, the potential to revolutionize how customers and partners manage, access, and utilize finances and financial services drives significant value. 

By evaluating digital transformation, innovation, and product development opportunities through the fintech lens, you can enhance your offerings, drive organizational growth, increase market share, and better serve evolving customer needs.

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Meet customers on their financial journey

Today’s financial customers expect a seamless fintech experience. The Fresh team can help you deliver with: 

Customer personalization: Deliver personalized financial products, build digital platforms, and expand your reach. 

Customer empowerment: Create apps for real-time processing, alternative lending and digital banking options, financial accessibility, and more. 

Customer Trust: Automate processes, lower fees based on better efficiency, and incorporate blockchain, biometrics, and encryption for best-in-class security. 

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Strategic services to help financial companies transform

The Fresh team works with financial organizations to explore the impact of fintech, from solving existing your challenges to identifying new business opportunities.

Digital transformation solutions should be customized for your financial organization. Fresh assists in aligning your people, processes, and tools to help you quickly adapt to change.

Example use cases:

+ Web-based and mobile platforms
+ Predictive analytics solutions
+ Cybersecurity systems
+ Smart banking and finance
+ Automated forecasting
+ Business intelligence software
+ Blockchain documentation

To create authentic, value-generative solutions, our team spends time understanding your current customer experience strategy, what’s possible for the future, pain points, gaps, and opportunities.

Example use cases:

+ Customer research
+ Competitive analysis
+ Customer journey mapping
+ Product roadmaps
+ Contextual inquiry
+ Go-to-market strategy

Implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in brick-and-mortar locations or design products and services that make use of real-time data sharing to improve user experience.

Example use cases:

+ Personal finance management
+ Wearable payments
+ Asset tracking
+ Telemetry and telematics
+ Smart banking
+ Fraud detection
+ Automated operations

Fresh cloud architects help you evaluate the components of your existing infrastructure and create a plan to build what you need, including front-end platforms, back-end platforms, cloud delivery, and cloud infrastructure.

Example use cases:

+ AWS integration
+ Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integration
+ Microsoft Azure integration
+ Microservices
+ Dev-Ops
+ Database solutions
+ Data pipelines

Fresh provides AI/ML implementation expertise to help financial organizations customize artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to your unique use case.

Example use cases:

+ Personalized banking
+ Sentiment analysis
+ Speech and NLP
+ Credit scoring and risk assessment
+ Fraud detection and prevention
+ Chatbots and virtual assistants
+ Document processing and extraction
+ Business intelligence

We help financial clients with RPA, enlisting “software robots” to automate mundane tasks with enhanced accuracy. The result is time savings, customer-centric client interactions, and additional resources for creative problem-solving.

Example use cases:

+ Account opening and closing
+ Customer onboarding
+ Customer ticket resolution
+ Credit scoring
+ Transaction processing
+ Data verification
+ Compliance checks
+ Fraud detection
+ Invoice processing

Exceptional user experience increases satisfaction, lowers frustration, and improves customer loyalty. For your team, UX leads to maximized internal productivity. Our scientifically proven UX design process allows you to release market-ready fintech solutions and meet your business KPIs.

Example use cases:

+ User onboarding journeys
+ Customer support and help centers
+ Financial dashboards
+ Chatbots and virtual assistants
+ Mobile banking apps
+ Form design
+ Payment gateways
+ Accessibility
+ Data visualization

We build enterprise systems to enable your organization to do impactful, cross-functional financial work. Designed to be integrated with your other systems, our enterprise solutions scale as your organization's needs evolve.

Example use cases:

+ Asset and wealth management
+ Billing and invoice management
+ Customer communication management
+ Risk management
+ Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)
+ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
+ Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
+ Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Fresh’s mobile app developers create fintech products with functionality including geolocation, payments, document and identity verification, biometrics, XR, and supply chain management.

Example use cases:

+ Mobile banking
+ Personal finance management
+ Loan application and management
+ Near Field Communication (NFC)
+ Contactless payments
+ Digital wallets
+ Peer-to-Peer payments
+ Investment and trading
+ Insurance management
+ Expense reporting and management
+ Biometric authentication

Whether you have a web application needing modernization or a new product, our team creates customized solutions scaffolded by robust, easy-to-maintain code bases and strategies for scaling in the future.

Example use cases:

+ Personal finance management tools
+ Online banking platforms
+ Loan management
+ Payment gateways
+ Billing and Invoice management
+ Investment and trading platforms
+ Market research and analytics
+ Insurance portals
+ Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms