3D Modeling & Animation

The advanced power of computer-aided design allows designers to visualize objects and concepts dynamically. Fresh’s end-to-end approach takes theoretical concepts and turns them into tactile experiences, bringing to life complex processes in industrial design, engineering, video, XR, and more.

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Specialized, sophisticated 3D assets

The Fresh team provides a full-service approach under one roof. With our highly integrated teams, we blend different areas of expertise, including strategy, design, development, and engineering, ensuring that every aspect of your project is addressed.

  • Extensive user and market research allows our team to create human-centered solutions
  • Our team is experienced with a variety of 3D platforms, including Cinema4D, Blender, SOLIDWORKS, and KeyShot
  • We provide tailored 3D modeling and animation services for any industry vertical, from entertainment to aviation, from industrial manufacturing to healthcare
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Visualize the future

3D design allows us to think and explore from a new perspective, creating novel solutions and audience engagement. Our approach enables medical practitioners to study complex anatomical 3D models from different angles before performing surgery. We empower XR developers to create fully-immersive applications that allow users to interact in workplace environments in novel ways. 

Whether you’re an E-commerce entrepreneur looking to provide consumers with an entirely new way to see products in their homes or need a working prototype to test before manufacturing, we can deliver. Whatever your use case, the Fresh team uses 3D modeling & animation to create new visualizations of your products and services and unique touchpoints for your brand.

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