Innovation Sprints

Innovation sprints bring together a select group of key stakeholders and decision-makers to solve a complex problem, explore a new area, or improve an existing experience. Fresh facilitators guide a group through a workshop-based process of understanding a challenge, generating ideas, prototyping solutions, then testing in front of users to gain actionable insights.

Strategy Sprints

Sprint toward the solution

Compared with the traditional product development cycle, innovation sprints equip you to leverage key learnings and user insight before spending time and resources to fully develop a solution. Sprints validate new ideas fast and early.

  • Solve a clearly defined problem with many possible solutions
  • Start navigation uncertainty by gathering context and developing understanding
  • Tackle complex problems with many stakeholders
  • Create an efficient system for generating direction in open-ended spaces

Key benefits of an innovation sprint

Insight Generation: Gain powerful insights, ideas, and direction to move forward in any area of your business.

Immediate Feedback: Through user testing and knowledgeable facilitators, instantly gain access to valuable feedback and thinking.

Short Timeline: In a single week, gain access to learnings that would otherwise take months in traditional product development.

Alignment: Bring together a diverse group of stakeholders or team members and create a shared vision and direction.

Our proven innovation process

Explore our approach to innovation and our continual process of monitoring, testing, and implementation of initiatives. We’ve identified the key beats necessary to minimize risk and optimize outcomes.


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