Rapid Prototyping

Digital technology and additive manufacturing techniques like interactive prototyping and 3D printing have revolutionized the process of turning a concept into a working product. Fresh teams can deliver new or revised versions of products quickly, responding to user and stakeholder feedback with the press of a button and speeding a new prototype to users for additional testing.

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Delivering human-centered designs

For products to succeed, they have to be built with an innate understanding of the problems they’re meant to solve. Rapid prototyping techniques help teams focus resources on the core of a user’s needs. 

Whether creating websites, apps, or UI for an autonomous system, our team is guided by the philosophy of human-centered design. Starting with a foundation of research and analysis, we ensure that your product meets its end-users’ requirements, while adhering to our own time-tested design principles.


Iterative design, development, and engineering

Progress is key to maintaining momentum. Rapid prototyping helps Fresh strategists shorten revision cycles and obtain more feedback. Our approach to rapid prototyping serves end-users and stakeholders alike. Not only do product owners see changes and evolutions of a concept or workflows immediately, but designers improve product quality iteratively, testing concepts with users rather than rushing to market with something that isn’t positioned to succeed. 

Projects that incorporate rapid prototyping front-and-center live and breathe the energy of creativity and build an engaged audience of stakeholders as they make their way to market.

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