Custom Web Application Development

Web applications provide efficient server-based tools for various use cases, from cloud-based file storage to E-commerce platforms. Partner with Fresh to create a versatile product, built on a foundation of quality code, that scales as your user base grows.

Tailored to your unique business requirements

While some development shops specialize in one technology or one approach, Fresh’s strength lies in customization. We’re a tech-agnostic agency. Our developers frame each client’s challenge as a unique problem to be solved. We spend time and effort upfront understanding your specific business requirements before choosing the optimal tools and technologies for the job.

Fresh’s web application clients come to us with ideas for new products or a need for technical augmentation. They leave with customized solutions scaffolded by robust, easy-to-maintain code bases and strategies for scaling in the future.


Iterative and agile by design

During a collaborative research and consultation phase, the Fresh team will spend time understanding your ideas so that we can begin putting them into action. Fresh designers, working in collaboration with developers to understand technical requirements, will take your initial concepts and translate them into wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

Our cross-disciplinary team of developers integrates the system with your existing technological infrastructure if desired, using cutting-edge tools to bring your application to life. Whereas some agencies take a waterfall approach of developing all assets in a rigid sequence, Fresh employs a highly iterative process where strategists, designers, and developers work closely so that every aspect of your web application is integrated and seamless.

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Geared for efficiency and cost-effectiveness

What truly sets Fresh apart is that we strategically plan how to build your app to be less expensive to maintain in the long run. As your organization achieves more success and recognition, your user base will grow. We integrate features intentionally, ensuring that the code is written so future developers can easily step in and contribute, adding greater levels of functionality.

Throughout the development process, we conduct extensive internal code reviews, ensuring that internal frameworks are easy to read, easy to reason, and easy to customize. Not only will the user experience be seamless, but with a principle-driven approach to development, Fresh developers create web apps that are built for scalability.

End-to-end custom web application development services

Over half of the world’s website traffic happens on mobile phones. At Fresh, responsive design isn’t an afterthought. We carefully consider mobile optimization from the moment design and development begin.
Web services handle key data exchanges like account creation and order placement on your application’s backend. We implement single web services to serve your users as efficiently as possible, whether your app is accessed by a browser, phone, or another device.
When adding features, we ask targeted questions to find the perfect mix of simple innovation and sophisticated functionality. When assessing the problem you are trying to solve we help you explore novelty and understand convention, with every feature acting in service to the overall product experience.
Our approach is design-led. It begins with understanding your users, their behaviors, and their needs at a deep level. We prototype concepts and test them, acquiring validation that design concepts are sound before putting them into high-fidelity production and development.
From ideation to execution, we guide you in creating an experience tailored for your end-users. Unit tests, functional tests, and browser tests allow us to ensure that the end product is bug-free, safeguarded long term against anything that would compromise the integrity of your application’s user experience.
Fresh developers are mindful of the necessary cost of maintenance. From vetted code quality to comprehensive development testing, our team ensures that when maintenance does happen, it’s simple and straightforward.
Approaches to data storage are essential but highly customizable. Your optimal solution will depend on factors like your industry vertical, devices your users prefer, and the size of your customer base. Our team will recommend a database solution customized to your specific application with an eye on performance and data integrity.
There are dozens of unique backend strategies, and the most appropriate one will depend on factors unique to your application. We build the backend of your application to serve the needs of you and your customer. Whether web API or straight MVC, our recommendation will be based on maintainability, scalability, and code craftsmanship.

Our proven web app development process

Explore our approach to creating efficient server-based tools for various use cases, from cloud-based file storage to E-commerce platforms, built on quality code and designed for scalability.


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