UI/UX Research & Testing

No matter how polished your product is, once it hits the market, it will be used by actual people with unique behaviors and rigorous expectations. With an array of research and testing services, we help companies bridge the empathy gap to become truly customer-centric and go to market with confidence.

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We’ve boiled UX down to a science

Underneath the surface of your product are the intangibles that make digital experiences come to life. Making sure that user flows, interactions, and functionality work as intended is where user research and testing comes into play. The Fresh research process benefits from a tailored and interdisciplinary approach:

  • Specific tests and analysis methods customized to your users, your available resources, and your unique product needs
  • Research and design processes integrated with other service areas including development, industrial design, and engineering
  • Cross-team collaboration, ensuring that the designers responsible for aesthetics and interaction justify their decisions with research findings

10+ years of providing optimized user insights

Research: Utilize various testing methods, tools, principles, and analysis frameworks to understand what works with a design and what doesn’t. Clearly define the end-user to determine product goals and understand how those translate into business improvements.

Analysis: Look closely at quantitative and qualitative data to better understand user demographics, device behavior, and conversion pathways. Examine the market landscape to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

Testing: Create minimum viable products (MVPs), often in a clickable, interactive prototype. Test the concept with actual users to justify design decisions and pivot as needed. Evaluate ongoing user experience by gauging your product’ future performance relative to benchmarks


Researching and testing deliverables

Across all of our service offerings, we emphasize customization. Your product is unique, and with a tailored approach, we’ll ensure it’s optimized for your end-users.

  • A/B Test
  • Eye Tracking
  • Blur Tests
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • User and stakeholder interviews
  • Personas
  • Task Analysis
  • Usability Tests & Surveys
  • User Flow Diagrams
  • UX Reviews

Our proven UX/UI design process

Explore how we approach the art and science of designing digital products that fulfill user needs and satisfy business goals. With a holistic process, we tailor products to your users.


Researching and testing capabilities

Explore our other research and testing services, which allow our team to solve challenges for your organization and others, regardless of size, industry vertical, or product category.