AI Software Development

The AI software market is growing rapidly, and Fresh helps clients and partners stay at the forefront. Our developers will guide you in tapping into the value by building AI software solutions that leverage big data architecture, computer vision, predictive analysis, natural language processing services, and more.
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Position your company on the leading edge

What defines Fresh is our multidisciplinary approach. Not only do we develop AI software, but we can also build the product, integrate the autonomous system, or design the dashboard you use to translate data into intelligent business and operational decisions. 

Providing consultation and development for industries including banking, supply chain management and logistics, healthcare, robotics, and much more, Fresh AI software developers plug in where you need, leveraging data to make your processes more intelligent.

AI Software Development
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Seamlessness and efficiency for any use case

Part of what’s so exciting about AI software is the diversity of use cases. For clients working in industrial sectors, a core challenge involves improving data analysis. Our developers will help you think through augmenting your human workforce, automating rote processes, and increasing production and throughput, using your data intelligently across all of your workflows.

We also help B2B and B2C clients, from scoring business leads with predictive models to improving search functionality in CRMs and providing predictive marketing insights that yield a better understanding of consumer behavior. Chatbot integrations also enhance customer experience in various ways, and we can help you build and implement them.


AI software for robotic systems

We help numerous clients with a variety of robotic systems use cases. Fresh artificial intelligence developers and engineers have years of experience working in the field, assisting clients in transforming their job sites. We automate tasks, vehicles, and other autonomous systems powered by AI.

If your use case is maintenance and inspection, we can help there too. We create autonomous maintenance and inspection robots for heavy industries like energy production, oil & gas, and petrochemical.

Finally, we help clients with data and simulation, filling your technology gaps with AI. This allows you to leverage data pipelines and create smarter robots that automate workflows efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive AI software development services

Fresh AI software developers provide various related services to assure stakeholders that every aspect of your AI solution is accounted for.
Our team builds business and operational improvement platforms that use AI's predictive power to give your team ready-made insights that improve decision making.
Fresh AI developers provide turn-key systems that integrate data and ML to provide live insights for clients who need them.
Our team can assist with integrating AI at any stage in your workflow: from fleet management to software deployments and preventative maintenance.
Suppose you have a database with raw data, including hard-signed or computer-generated documents filled with a host of sections, phrases, and keywords. In that case, Fresh can build AI agents that scrape essential data efficiently.
Fresh’s team can build AI solutions that convert audio into easy-to-use data format, providing you with efficient ways to utilize information.
Our AI software developers can build AI solutions for anomaly detection, processing massive volumes of data in seconds.

Related software capabilities

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