Product Innovation Consulting

Building a successful product requires more than design and development. Our end-to-end innovation process considers your competition, your unique business model, and the messaging we can leverage to plan what to build and when.
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Gain competitive advantage

What helped your company grow to what it is today won’t necessarily get you to tomorrow. While innovation and experimentation can be overwhelming, our proven processes mitigate risk, providing a reliable path forward.

Our strategy and innovation team asks the right questions, developing a deep understanding of your organization, recommending ideal improvements for growth, and providing alternative solutions that will move your bottom line. Throughout our partnership, we’ll strengthen your approach to product innovation, work toward your core business objectives, and create new value for your users.


Develop customer insights

As the modern global economy continues to grow and diversify, companies need an innovation partner who understands markets and how the current business climate affects consumers. Fresh has over a decade of experience with product innovation consulting. We work with companies of various sizes and across dozens of industry verticals. For years, we’ve proven ourselves as reliable partners who guide companies to realize new ways of doing business.

Our strategy and innovation team will help you understand your customers at a deeper level. After gaining insight into their mindset and behaviors, we’ll help you develop the ideal approach to reimagining your products or creating new ones.

Prioritize product opportunities

Going to market at the right time and with the right approach is essential. We have experience taking hundreds of products to market with success. Our strategy and innovation team will provide you with the best-in-class services for doing so.

As your product evolves and your customer base grows, we’ll facilitate ongoing testing to maintain quality, identify new opportunities for innovation, prioritize emerging functionality, and market unique features. 

Product Innovation Consulting

Assess product concepts

Even if you have a clear product vision, prototyping and testing are essential. Fresh’s strategy and innovation consulting team will help you make your vision concrete and rapidly prototype your ideas.
Whether you have an existing product or are looking to build something new, you already have an abundance of data to draw from. From analyzing business KPIs to market trends, from understanding customer behaviors to platform analytics, our team will develop a comprehensive understanding of how everything connects, presenting it in a format that makes it easier for you to make confident decisions about innovation.
Dive into understanding your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to find your unique opportunity for innovation and differentiation. In a crowded market, it’s essential to understand how innovation will position you on the leading edge in your industry.
Invent Value, our proprietary, collaborative innovation platform, empowers clients and partners to tap into the mindshare of their people. Gather diverse input, generate new ideas, and evaluate possible solutions to uncover additional perspectives on your products, services, and opportunities for growth and innovation.

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