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Data is one of the richest sources of information in the digital age. The practice of turning data into information, and information into insights, is central to modern product-building and elemental to Fresh’s scientific design approach.

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Frame the challenge

Data allows you to visualize the user’s response to a design. But to get granular with your metrics and hone in on how to improve your design, it’s essential to ask questions that focus on potential issues.

  • What can our data teach us about our users?
  • Are there existing analytics we can use to identify trends and insights?
  • What are three essential issues we can address to improve the user experience?
  • What navigation items, elements, and links are people clicking?
  • What content matters most to users?
  • What functionality matters most?

Add science to art

We believe that data is useful. It allows you to look at the numbers, learn from them, and identify concrete areas for improvement. However, without context, data is just data. For this reason, we advocate for making quantitative metrics contextual to ensure they are useful in advancing the design.

Pregame analysis with ready-made data allows you to approach users with specific questions in mind. Context is essential to understanding data and what it’s telling us about our users and our products.

If you’re looking to understand the information at your disposal better and use it to improve designs, services, and processes, we can help.

Our proven analytics process

Explore how we gather, organize, and analyze data, one of the most essential forms of information in the digital age. Turn information into insights and create products built for success and scalability.


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