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We opened up the Fresh ATX office because we want to help ambitious companies all over Texas — from startup to enterprise — stay fresh and achieve their visions. Our modern end-to-end software and hardware product innovation services are, at scale, unparalleled among local tech and product services companies. You’ll love our talented people, our core values, thought leadership, and collaborative processes.

We have deep expertise in experience design, autonomous robotics, industrial automation, AI/ML, AR/VR, and mobile/web B2B and B2C software. Learn why clients like Facebook, NEC, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Alamo Drafthouse trust us as their strategic innovation partner.


We chose Austin because of its proximity to major Texas industry hubs of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Fresh plans to invest in and become a resource to businesses all over the state, with a sharp focus on helping companies create better futures for humanity in oil & gas, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, IoT, clean energy, smart cities, and the circular economy. Supporting the vibrant Texas startup ecosystem will also be a key part of our presence in the greater Austin area, where we’ll bring the right level of services startups need to stand out and be successful.


Dean Kakridas

Managing Director, Austin

Dean is a vision+customer+purpose led business and innovation leader with 25+ yrs. experience spanning technology, products, and services spaces. Dean thinks business and speaks design to help visionary leaders create better futures for people.

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Johnny Rodriguez

Strategic Innovation Director

Johnny is responsible for designing, building, and deploying both internal and external-facing software and hardware products to help individuals and businesses all over the world. Johnny regularly contributes to thought leadership around design, development, XR, and other bleeding-edge technology.

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Robotics Engineering

United Rentals and Fresh proved autonomous vehicle technology on the construction of a solar farm. Partially autonomous compact track loaders were outfitted with a sensor package and real-time code with control logic to drive the vehicle. The vehicles delivered solar panels from a storage location to a point in the field where workers offloaded them from the vehicle and installed them onto a framework.

Strategy & Innovation

Navigating the future is a complex challenge and an exciting opportunity. As rapid technological change, global competitiveness, and automation intersect, successful businesses must deliver continuous innovation in a changing environment if they hope to thrive. At Fresh, strategy works across our functions to drive meaningful and sustained innovation.

Fresh ATX Growth

Hear from Dean Kakridas on why he chose to join Fresh Austin, and how Texas is key to both the tech industry and Fresh’s growth.


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