Innovation as a Service

Innovation is a continual process that requires ongoing monitoring, testing, and leadership to minimize risks and optimize outcomes. Fresh brings the right people, processes, and tools to deliver consistent value and growth. We help our clients deliver innovation as a service. With emerging technologies constantly changing, we aid in the digital transformation journey of which so many companies are a part.


Unlock your opportunity

For companies of any size, investing in change can be risky without significant market understanding, iterative design cycles, and validation through user testing. This is why innovation management is so valuable. By learning through rapid prototyping of an innovation system, you can make strategic decisions about how to drive new technologies and ideas to market at the most opportune time. An ongoing strategic partnership program that focuses on aligning innovation with your goals can help your company mitigate risk and maximize opportunity.


A method grounded in agility and iteration

Fresh’s approach to innovative digital transformation is agile and iterative, combining cycles of exploration activities, product development expertise, and a proprietary digital platform to continually collect, refine, validate, and develop new ideas.

  • Align cross-functional teams to create value and solve complex problems.
  • Regularly explore and validate thinking through rapid prototyping and testing.
  • Identify and understand the many opportunities to innovate throughout your organization.
  • Engage and train teams to foster a more innovative culture.

How it works

Innovation audits (1-2x Per Year)
Fresh consultants take a broad look at your company’s practices to identify opportunities to innovate across four related dimensions including the technologies you use, your customer and employee experiences, and the business products and services you provide.

Innovation sprints (3-4x Per Year)
Gather key stakeholders in a one-week intensive workshop to align around a complex problem, define a strategy, generate new ideas, rapidly prototype solutions, and validate with end-users.

Strategic summits (1-2x Per Year)
Bring together senior leaders in an annual workshop that aligns everyone around opportunities and challenges for the coming year.

Rapid prototyping and testing (Ongoing)
Tap into Fresh’s end-to-end service, offering the help of skilled designers, strategists, consultants, engineers, and developers who can quickly prototype new ideas and test them with users for feedback and data, strategically defining the way forward.

Invent Value challenges (Monthly)
Gather new thinking across your teams at every level of your organization using Invent Value, Fresh’s online innovation platform. We’ll help set up and moderate challenges to ensure you get more targeted results.

Innovation trainings and interviews (2-3x Per Year)
Fresh will deliver training relevant to your industry to help your team members develop best practices and interview functional leads within your organization to help unlock new opportunities.

Our proven Innovation Process

Fresh provides a holistic perspective on driving positive growth across your business. Our team considers companies like yours through four broad dimensions to identify gaps and build systems that foster positive growth and change.


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