All Day


We designed a product to empower behavioral change and promote healthy lifestyles


Understanding that health is about holistic well-being––not just counting steps, calories, and minutes––Adidas hired our team to create an app and shift the paradigm. Every choice and action counts, from getting enough sleep and proper nutrition to practicing mindfulness and participating in physical activity. All Day was the solution: an integrated, science-based view of health that encourages users to change their behaviors and build new habits that stick.


  1. Building the user experience around “Discoveries,” the primary feature of quick, guided sessions created by influencer experts

  2. Developing personas, cross-platform templates, and a robust content strategy to support the growing number of Discoveries

  3. Creating a mobile dashboard that integrates exercise tracking and data logs to generate more visibility for users

  4. Developing the software systems for an auto-scaling infrastructure compatible with various device types and technology ecosystems

A holistic view of health

A first wave of fitness trackers focused solely on the numerical outcome of exercise: you either hit your goal or didn’t. All Day transcended prior work by using nuanced analysis and modeling to form a more complete picture of the results of a healthy lifestyle.

How was All Day different? We designed All Day to be a personal guide to well-being, helping users explore four pillars of complete health and wellness: nutrition, movement, mindset, and rest.

A user-first approach to product design

“User-first” was the watchword throughout Fresh's end-to-end product design and development on All Day. Fresh had a full-fledged team across several disciplines working on the product. The effort started with understanding users' behavior in the real world, forgoing any previously held assumptions.

We conducted research and developed a set of design personas used to guide product decision making. The app's key pillars were based on these real-life personas, which helped us form a robust content strategy to address their hopes, needs, and aspirations.


Systemized, automated activity tracking

To break out of the binary judgment zone of activity trackers, Fresh designed Haze, an algorithmic pattern generation engine.

The Haze visualization moves through the adidas brand palette in a way that creates unique, and visually interesting combinations. It operates on a triplet-based progression across the colors, choosing its next combination by moving across the adidas color wheel in numbered jumps.

adidas_color wheel_full grid

Delivering All Day

Fresh’s software development team built a host of software systems for a distributed auto-scaling infrastructure. Studio engineers handled comprehensive consumer-facing mobile application development for both Android and iOS. The All Day tech stack created an ecosystem to support users of all activity levels worldwide at high volume from app launch and performed flawlessly.

Adidas sunsetted All Day in winter 2018 after a strategy shift, but not before Fast Company lauded the effort in naming the brand to its 2018 Most Innovative Companies in Marketing and Advertising list, “For challenging itself—and customers—with the All Day lifestyle app.”