Brand Strategy Consulting

Industries are flooded with new businesses and saturated with existing ones. Without a clear objective, a nuanced understanding of your target customers, and a roadmap for long-term brand success, yours will be left without differentiation. Partner with Fresh to build a strategic foundation that drives positive customer experience and engagement at every touchpoint.

Define your long-term vision and achieve short-term wins

As industries shift and the global economy grows, the most successful brands will continually assess their effectiveness and iterate in response. Companies that rest on their laurels get surpassed by organizations with an openness to innovation and an eye for differentiation.

Fresh’s team of strategists and designers will help you develop actionable, short-term strategies to evolve your brand, paired with a future-focused roadmap structured around achievable milestones. The result is timelessness: as your company grows and changes, your core brand identity will remain powerful and unwavering.


Position your brand for the future

Industries, services, and products change constantly, but the most effective brands are immutable. Even if your output shifts, your brand doesn’t have to. The key is developing a strategy that enables you to make informed decisions.

Our team’s deep customer experience consulting capabilities equip us to guide clients and partners through the volatility of global and economic change. With agile, iterative methodologies, we’ll help you adapt your brand in intentional ways, mitigate risk, and realize enduring success.


Approach your brand from every possible angle

With an end-to-end team of strategists, designers, developers, and engineers, we provide consultation for any industry vertical and for companies of every size. When you partner with Fresh, you get objective, independent design thinking without preconceived notions or agendas.

During an engagement, you’ll partner with a connected team of design talent in our open environment to find efficient brand solutions, create new products and services, and imagine what’s possible in the future.

Our branding solutions

We offer clients an end-to-end approach, from strategy to execution.
Our team analyzes industry, sales, and marketing data to understand your core users. With a contextual background, we develop a composite profile of your user base, allowing our strategists and designers to make informed brand recommendations.
How does your brand operate in the world? What are its personality traits and opportunities for change? A living, breathing brand has a voice, tone, and communication style. Our team gives deep consideration to how your brand should look, feel, and sound at every customer touchpoint.
A holistic brand strategy should plan for the short term and develop an accurate, actionable roadmap for the future. Our team helps you establish a cohesive strategy that covers all bases of your product offerings, service areas, and future marketing opportunities.
A variety of artifacts and collateral affect the way your company is perceived in the world, but not all stakeholders feel comfortable making decisions about what customers should experience from a brand perspective. Our approach equips your team with the tools you need to be confident in your creativity.
Fresh can help you triangulate between all of your available resources including marketing initiatives, social channels, internal company messaging, and consumer-facing IPs and create a brand representative of your holistic value.
Tying together all of our service areas is an emphasis on digital innovation: pairing creativity and strategy to design lasting solutions. While not all brand work requires creating something new, there are always opportunities for innovation and growth. We’ll help you identify and capitalize on them.

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