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Virtual reality enables simulated digital experiences for various industries and use cases. Industry professionals at Fresh leverage human-centered design principles to help clients achieve unprecedented levels of engagement and immersion utilizing an array of devices, platforms, and technologies.

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Harness virtual reality software in a rapidly evolving industry landscape

With VR development, a key challenge lies in choosing the right stack of technologies to bring your vision to life. At Fresh, we constantly push our understanding of the industry landscape. Our team is equipped with best-in-class tools and over a decade of experience building digital and VR applications. Not only will you walk away with a cutting-edge product, but you’ll be a collaborative partner. Throughout our process, we empower you to make strategic decisions in the best interest of your company and target customers.

Partner with us to leverage our cross-disciplinary team of strategists, designers, developers, and engineers who will help you create endless possibilities for virtual experiences that position your company to be at the forefront of industry innovation.


Future-proof, long-term virtual reality (VR) solutions

Other developers can build products that perform, but we provide our clients with a consulting edge. Your solution will be future-proof: scalable, robust, and easily modified in light of changes in your industry and the marketplace.

An end-to-end approach equips us to create truly customized VR software. Fresh’s team will account for every aspect of VR development to create a VR app that will provide your users with seamless virtual interfaces and robust platform integrations. We focus on the technology while your subject matter experts impart decades of industry wisdom, creating solutions with long-lasting value.


Virtual reality (VR) consultation for any stage in your product’s lifecycle

Whether you come to Fresh with active VR projects or a vision for the future, our team of VR developers and designers can plugin and deliver. Some clients come to us with VR solutions in place, but lacking in their ability to deliver optimal value to their customers.

Our team seamlessly enters existing workflows with diverse industry experience and a robust technological background. Whether helping to outfit your space or recommending the best technology and designer tools to finalize your solution, we provide support where you need it.

For organizations entering the space for the first time with vision and aspiration, we can get involved from the outset and deliver whatever solution you dream up. VR technology is evolving so rapidly that you need an agency with future sight, a partner who constantly researches what’s on the horizon.

We act as expert guides, from creating a custom solution to connecting you to the best vendor. Our clients gain both a long term-partner and an immediate, actionable solution.

We design VR experiences for a variety of industries

A VR developer can at Fresh understand that different industries have unique requirements and use cases. Our collective experience allows us to provide customized consultation for any vertical.

Virtual meetings, collaboration workflows, and essential diversity and inclusion initiatives are all rife with potential for VR. Our designers and developers follow an established process to create human-centered solutions. Deep research allows us to foster empathy for end-users before delivering an accessible and inclusive VR solution.

Remote work and product previsualization are more important than ever. Fresh VR developers connect people around the world, designing workflows and interfaces for remote interaction powered by VR. For clients whose product must be seen to be believed, we create experiences catering to remote viewing and collaboration.

VR allows unprecedented insight into the modern workplace and healthy interpersonal relationships. For HR departments looking for immersive approaches to scenario training, VR is a logical choice. Consider the benefits virtual environments with haptic feedback and built-in audio solutions in healthcare could provide. Doctors working in high-pressure situations can experience a variety of scenarios and situations first-hand through a VR headset, all in a lower stakes, less expensive, and virtual environment.

Virtual trade shows are going digital, and companies that leverage VR will stay ahead of the curve. Tourism, marketing, and promotion are also conducive to VR solutions that immerse users and provide new levels of control and engagement.

VR can be easily utilized to simulate workplace environments that are dull, dirty, and dangerous. For workers being trained on how to operate unfamiliar machines, to provide a safe entry point to hazardous environments, VR provides new access points.

Educators can provide students with immersion that would be challenging, or even impossible, without VR. By using VR, students can experience new environments from their classroom desks or access physically inaccessible subject matter first-hand.

One of the most prevalent use cases for VR is gaming. Fresh isn’t a game development studio, but our team has a background in the game development industry and can provide consultation on optimizing experiences and creating strategies for a successful release.

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