Industrial Design Consulting

Effective industrial design attends to the needs of end-users, businesses, and manufacturers. Fresh’s vetted industrial design process optimizes form and function and streamlines production, ensuring you can go to market faster while decreasing risk and maximizing results.

Real-world solutions from holistically designed products

Fresh’s comprehensive, holistic industrial design process allows clients to create seamless physical product experiences. From fitness equipment to autonomous robotic solutions, our years of experience position us to guide you from conceptual designs to finishing and manufacturing.

Led by an in-house team of specialists with experience across various industry verticals, we design optimized solutions for any business use case.


End-to-end industrial design

Over 10+ years, Fresh has assembled a cross-disciplinary team of strategists, designers, developers, and engineers. Industrial design lies at the intersection, giving form to ideas and turning them into physical, user-centric products. To ensure that your product fits seamlessly into its intended environment, we interview your stakeholders and users, dive into your data and existing product offering, and understand the core problem your users face, exploring constraints and opportunities.

After building a firm foundation of research and contextual understanding, we employ collaborative methods that involve you directly in the industrial design process. Together, we’ll develop a cohesive product strategy before refining your concept using rapid prototyping methods, including rendering, conceptual CAD, and 3D printing. After delivering on the concept, we provide the support you need to meet inspection and evaluation standards and continue scaling as your user base grows and changes.

Our proven industrial design process

Explore our vetted industrial design process, which optimizes form and function and streamlines production specifications, ensuring clients go to market faster while decreasing risk and maximizing results.


Related design capabilities

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