Machine Learning Consulting

When deciding whether to leverage the power of machine learning to automate your data pipelines, it’s essential to understand your unique business use case, how ML could make your workflows more efficient, and the tools at your disposal. Fresh machine learning consultants can come in at any point in the process and provide expertise, with the engineering capabilities to build the solution if you need it.

Leverage data, optimize workflows

From customer support queries with voice-activated chatbots to fraud detection in banking and self-teaching autonomous mobile robots, machine learning has the potential to make the systems we use smarter, without the need for direct programming.

Fresh’s machine learning consultants, developers, and engineers provide a full-service approach to understanding your unique use case, recommending the most effective technology stack, and integrating the solution if you need it. Our differentiation lies in the confidence we give our clients and partners: every aspect of creating your machine learning solution is handled under one roof.


End-to-end ML services

Study the problem: Define business goals, choose your platform and tools, scope out the work, and choose optimal hardware and embedded systems.

Explore and analyze your data: Research current techniques and pre-trained models, begin data science development, and identify your ideal Cloud tools.

Conduct data preparation and modeling: Select your Cloud platform, construct data pipelines, and account for storage and integration needs.

Design the solution: Design the user experience, create visuals, establish information architecture, build in security measures and test your prototype.

Get Support with on-going maintenance: Receive guidance on how to continue scaling your system, with ongoing support from the Fresh team.


Fresh ML expertise: Project Bonsai & Moab

Fresh developers and engineers have deep experience working with Microsoft’s Project Bonsai solution, which enables engineers without a background in data science to apply their subject matter expertise and accelerate the development of intelligent control systems in the real world. We partnered with Microsoft to design Moab: a ball-balancing robot that showcases the power of this AI solution and equips engineers with a tool to experiment with Bonsai’s power and understand its impact on the fields of AI and Machine Learning. 

Creating a robot powered by Bonsai required Fresh designers, developers, and engineers to combine computer vision, artificial intelligence, and hardware design into one solution. We’re happy to extend that expertise to future clients looking for a novel solution to their unique use case.

Our data science and machine learning services

Fresh Machine Learning consultants provide a variety of related services related to ML, AI, and IoT.
Fresh machine learning consultants can help you implement insights derived from advanced data analysis, focusing on actual business metrics. Partnering with in-house engineers, the ML team can also create deployed applications that integrate data-based insights into production. We offer extensive experience deploying hardware and autonomous systems in industrial settings, creating faster, more efficient, and more accurate control systems.
Our machine learning consultants can help you develop an ML solution that digests, organizes, and synthesizes insights from existing data sets. This allows you to easily complete high-value tasks like understanding customer behavior's revenue impact or identifying marketing opportunities targeted specifically at a certain user. The data is there. Our team will help you understand how to leverage it for your business.
Utilize machine learning technology to organize and efficiently manage larger sets of data. Whether you're storing and accessing static data, or handling a robust amount of incoming and outgoing data in a pipeline, Fresh machine learning consultants can help you create an insights system at scale.

Related software capabilities

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