Healthcare and medical technology companies need a partner who can plug in where they need it and accelerate the process of going to market. Our end-to-end team helps you go from concept to finished product faster, adhering to regulations and setting the foundation for future scalability.

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Committed to accelerating innovation in healthcare

  • Strategy: We guide your organization in responding to an evolving industry, driving impactful, sustainable innovation.
  • Design: Our in-house industrial design, UX, and product design teams base designs on data, for experiences proven to succeed with your target users. 
  • Software: Our team understands the importance of technical planning, concurrent software development and testing, and navigating regulations.
  • Hardware: End-to-end production, rapid product development, complex robotics integrations, full-scale automation, PCB design and assembly, and test engineering, all under one roof allow you to go-to-market with confidence.
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Overcome complex challenges

Developing healthcare solutions, medical devices, and other medical technologies requires overcoming numerous obstacles:

  1. Lack of bandwidth: More work than your teams can manage internally as customer and stakeholder demand increases. 
  2. Cross-disciplinary expertise: An understanding of various disciplines and practices necessary to go to market on-time with confidence, which can be difficult and costly to hire in-house. 
  3. Documentation and regulatory compliance: The extensive documentation essential for audits and market approval.
  4. End-to-end inefficiency: As a rapidly growing company, it’s likely you’re impacted by the operational painpoints that come from fast growth.

Our team is able to deliver on all fronts, plugging in where you need us, from conceptual design to launch and ongoing regulatory compliance.

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