Successful technology companies are well-prepared for inevitable disruption and change. For tech companies across the spectrum, we create Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, artificial intelligence integrations, AR/VR devices, biometrics products, and much more to help you stay on the cutting edge of innovation and define the future.

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Solving complex problems and accelerating roadmaps

Technology companies have nuanced needs. Choosing a partner with extensive experience and customized processes and workflows based on unique requirements is vital.

With an integrated, end-to-end approach involving strategy, design, development, and engineering, Fresh plugs in where you need it. Whether you’re starting from phase zero of product development or are looking to scale and maintain a legacy platform, Fresh’s integrated team helps you reach your target destination faster.

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Your guide to ongoing innovation

To help companies prepare for the future, we’ve strategically expanded into new service lines and industry capabilities, investing in areas like ETL-Intertek certification, acquiring the capacity to do cutting-edge firmware engineering, bolstering our RF engineering capabilities, and much more.

Our commitment to sustainable innovation means we’re equipped to help your teams further innovate processes and workflows as industry leaders.