Systems Design Consulting

At Fresh, systems design is as much about strategy as it is about engineering the final solution. We provide a full-spectrum strategic approach, analyzing and optimizing system variables including self-contained devices, hardware, technology selection protocol development, cost-performance, and much more.

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Strategic guidance for complex technological challenges

Innovation is an essential response to the increasing complexity of the modern world. Machines and systems design is the practice of creating mechanical assemblies to aid innovation and increase productivity. Fresh strategists and engineers can help create entirely new machines or improve existing systems.

  • Define goals, explore business metrics, and establish benchmarks
  • Create a technology roadmap for the “right product”
  • Analyze workflows and optimize systems
  • Create design concepts and working prototypes
  • Test the system and iterate continuously

Build systems strategically

Analyze Workflows: Creating the machine is essential, but it’s only part of the solution. We emphasize understanding your workflow and how a machine and system integration optimize it.

Establish Goals: What goals do you have? What’s your desired ROI? Developing a clear picture of your business goals and your customers’ goals allows us to gather additional context as we design your solution.

Deliver an Integrated System: Our holistic process allows you to generate ideas and follow through on them. By pairing strategy consultation with design, development, and engineering, we ensure your systems effectively solve your core challenge.

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