Strategy & Innovation

Transform ideas into valuable new growth

Navigating the future is a complex challenge and an exciting opportunity

As rapid technological change, global competitiveness, and automation intersect, successful businesses must deliver continuous innovation in a changing environment if they hope to thrive. At Fresh, strategy works across out functions to drive meaningful and sustained innovation.

Innovation as a Service

Unlock opportunity and drive ongoing innovation

Innovation is a constant process that requires on-going monitoring, testing, and leadership to minimize risks and optimize results. By arming your organization with the right people, processes, and tools, Fresh can be an integrated partner to help deliver consistent innovation and growth.
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Strategy Services

Innovation Sprints

Gather user-validated insight through rapid prototyping and testing of new solutions to help mitigate tasks, align teams, and make informed decisions. Learn more

Innovation as a Service

Build and innovation engine within your company’s culture by integrating your people, process, and tools to optimize solutions development and execution at every level. Learn more

Strategy Workshops

Align decision-makers and key stakeholders through a design-led process of divergent and convergent thinking around long-term vision and strategic goals.

Product Strategy & Architecture

Guide product development with a comprehensive strategy that integrates holistic market understanding, advanced technical architecture, deep customer insights, regulatory understanding, and immersive experience design.

Research & Commercialization Analysis

Explore a potential market opportunity, understand the competitive landscape and regulatory environment, and analyze technology pathways to drive successful product launches and ROI.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Drive change across your organization by understanding emerging technologies, organizational and cultural factors, and customer needs to capture new digital opportunities.

Our Approach

Design and strategy led

Design and strategy led

Fresh uses a design thinking approach to strategy and innovation that helps balance customer desirability, economic, viability, technological, feasibility, and organizational capability, nurturing successful ideas across your organization and into market.

Rapid prototyping for quicker insights

Rapid prototyping for quicker insights

Rather than spending critical hours debating an idea's feasibility, we believe in the power of informed, rapid prototyping to surface critical customer and market insights early in the innovation process.

Digital transformation, people transformation

Digital transformation, people transformation

Aligning your people, process, and tools ensures that you can quickly adapt in the face of continual disruption. Our approach to digital transformation puts people at the center, ensuring that innovative ideas are adopted throughout your organization.

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