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Hybrid apps function similarly to native apps but use one code base and are accessible across iOS and Android devices. For clients who have less of a need for native performance and are more focused on streamlined maintainability and expedited development, hybrid app development apps is a powerful solution.

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Build applications that transcend OS and device

Apps developed specifically for native operating systems using languages like Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Kotlin can use device hardware specific to Apple and Android, but not every app needs to. If your app completes a more basic function or pertains to a more specific use case, hybrid is worth considering.

For clients looking to build a minimum viable product and test it with users on different devices, those who need an app compatible with various ecosystems, and those who only need to make use of more basic functionality without investing the significant time and resources needed for full native development, Fresh developers often recommend a hybrid approach.


Full-service hybrid app development company

One Code Base: Because you’re building one app instead of two, your codebase will be easier to maintain. This approach saves time and money, giving you the ability to get your MVP up and running faster.

Native Distribution: Hybrid mobile apps can be optimized for and advertised on the App Store and Google Play. Broad native distribution allows you to target and convert high-value users for more devices and technology ecosystems.

Access to Native Hardware: You can still leverage shared OS hardware features through hybrid development. The benefit is creating apps that complete a specific set of functions without getting stuck optimizing for one ecosystem or the other.

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