Brand Design Services

Powerful brands disrupt the status quo with unique products, clear purpose, and compelling look, feel, and tone of voice. Partner with Fresh’s creative team to transcend the formulaic, presenting your organization in a consistent, compelling manner across your customer touchpoints, and driving performance in business, marketing, and brand loyalty.

Translate your identity into form

From framing the right question to delivering the right result, we have a strong and diverse team that provides end-to-end services for leading brands across the world.

Our approach helps clients convey their identity consistently and intentionally through a variety of services, addressing business and constituency needs while avoiding cliché and trend. A brand is not just a logo. It’s the translation of your company into a system of form, voice, and experience.


Tell your unique story

Your brand is your story, not ours. Our team of creatives and strategists always listen and never impose. We have style, but we’re not just stylists. Principles of visual design and interaction are essential to understand, but we never limit ourselves to just providing a new look.

Any agency can create a logo, but translating an idea authentically and effectively requires a comprehensive approach. We dedicate time and resources to understanding your goals, then we collaborate to build a visual system that extends to every customer interaction.

Identify your vision and pursue it relentlessly

In a crowded marketplace, other companies are likely trying to solve the same problem you are. A well-designed brand can position your company above the competition, connecting you with your target audience and communicating your differentiation. There’s no one correct approach to branding, and we help you understand the possibilities and make well-informed decisions.

We begin with a discovery phase that allows our brand strategists to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ context and needs. We then guide organizations to better understand who they are and to position themselves around their core values. This contextual framework is then used as the foundation for our recommendations on design, typography, voice, and messaging.

Our proven brand and identity process

Explore how we guide clients to define a clear purpose and create a compelling look, feel, and tone. With a vetted process, we help you tell your compelling story across at every customer touchpoint.


Related design capabilities

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