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Complex technological tools and applications require heavy planning on the front end to ensure that all aspects of the system operate in unison. Partner with Fresh’s team of software architecture experts to define your technology stack, prioritize feature sets, and document an actionable software roadmap. Whether you need a software developer, software engineer, or software architect, our team can help you plan for the functional requirements, software requirements, and technical requirements your business needs to be its best.

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Pre-plan your software foundation

To create a software design that satisfies your users and internal KPIs, and functions as intended, documenting your software infrastructure is essential. At Fresh, we can help implement N-tier architecture, event-driven architecture, microservices architecture, and more.

Fresh’s software architecture consulting services can help you define the best stack of technologies to use as the foundation of your product and define software development best practices and standards for quality throughout the project lifecycle. Working with our software architecture consultant developers, you’ll receive concrete guidance for handling a fluctuating traffic load, best practices for system maintenance, advice on utilizing microservices, leveraging APIs, and much more.


Flexible, tailored software development

Our software architecture services are principle-driven, accounting for every aspect of software development.

Scalability & Extensibility: Account for increased traffic load as your user base grows and build the system so features are easily added

Maintainability: Ensure the code base can be maintained without destabilization

Cost Analysis: Build a tech stack that leverages existing software infrastructure and integrations, saving resources

Security: Embed security measures to secure PPI, credit cards, and email addresses, protect against malicious activity, and comply with standards including PCI, HIPAA, and OWASP

Software architecture for a variety of industry use cases

It’s easy to get swept up in the latest and greatest technology, but at its core, software architecture is a process of asking questions and using the information to help clients make educated decisions that save money and lead to more performant systems. 

Enterprise software solutions: Receive expertise from a software architecture consultant for software that tracks material delivery, automates internal processes, secures sensitive data, provides insights on internal financials, and above all, lends to high scalability, security, and reliability.

Industrial software solutions: Whether accounting for robotic systems integration or building an autonomous manufacturing solution, we can help. With leaders in cloud consulting, cloud solutions, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, project management, full-stack development, and more, find the help you need with our consulting services.

B2C: For shopping, entertainment use cases, AR and VR, and mobile applications, our team helps you create software infrastructure that allows your customers to accomplish their goals with the confidence that their information is protected.

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