Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Companies on the leading edge use intelligent machines to augment human labor and manufacturing operations, providing greater control and always-online production. Partner with us to reimagine your manufacturing environment, build advanced systems, maximize throughput, reduce waste, and increase precision in your business’s automation solutions. Create a plan for your business that will allow for cost savings in the long term while keeping you up to date on the ever-changing world of automation in the short term.

Core competencies of our manufacturing automation solutions

  • Automation design, bring-up and support
  • Basic and AI based algorithms execution
  • Battery management systems design
  • Charging and discharging circuits
  • Communication protocol development
  • cRio based test instrumentation
  • Data security, encryption and transport
  • Design evaluation for manufacturability and test
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly
  • Domestic and global manufacturing partner selection and management
  • Electronics optimization
  • High current system optimization
  • Incoming and outgoing inspection best practices
  • Low power optimization
  • Machine vision, learning and teaching
  • Manufacturing assembly automation
  • Manufacturing in-line test automation
  • Manufacturing line design, bring-up and support
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Material design and optimization
  • Mechanical architecture
  • Middleware design
  • Mixed, analog and digital circuit development and optimization
  • On-site line bring-up
  • Performance to cost analysis
  • Power supply design
  • Qualification of equipment and processes
  • Remote and on-site line assistance
  • Signal processing
  • Tooling design, development and vendor selection
  • Ultra low power devices
  • 4 to 64 bit microcontrollers

Drive efficiency in your automated manufacturing processes

Whether automating product development, inspection, hazardous material removal, or an entire manufacturing system end-to-end, Fresh engineers will help you prototype and build a solution customized to your unique use case and requirements.

From aerospace to medical, automotive, and chemical, Fresh engineering team has the industry experience and cross-disciplinary technical background to create any solution you require. Automation and robotics, when implemented seamlessly into your working environment, have the potential to replace data methods of assembly, keeping up with the demands of the modern world and a rapidly evolving industry landscape.


A multi-disciplinary, end-to-end team

Customized Systems: Guided by a technology-agnostic approach, we partner with a wide array of other robotics and technology providers to build your customized system.

Scope & Reach: We have experience deploying systems overseas in countries like Taiwan, China, Indonesia, and Mexico. Our scalable workflows and partnerships allow us to handle projects of varying scopes.

Guaranteed ROI: The Fresh manufacturing automation team is made up of engineering and business experts who focus on understanding the challenges and requirements of each project. We follow a vetted consulting process to meet your technical and financial objectives.


The core benefits of manufacturing process automation

Connected manufacturing automation solutions provide management teams with real-time data that can be used to make crucial, money-saving decisions. Proactively redirect resources in your supply chain or use embedded systems to address maintenance issues and reduce downtime.
Robots are always online and productive. For key tasks like product inspection, a robot can be programmed to complete that sole purpose, making sure that delays don’t happen and that output is always up to spec, which is essential in the many industries that demand perfection.
IoT integrations provide real-time, actionable data and unprecedented visibility into your operations. Fresh has the talent to set up your entire system, from the robots working at the manufacturing level to the custom software and embedded firmware that provides you with more strategic intelligence and insight to act quickly and confidently.
Fresh engineers excel with automation solutions platforms like ROS Industrial, an open-source robotics software project. It allows us to seamlessly enter the workflows of industrial companies and provide solutions at a lower cost when creating new manufacturing applications.

Our proven manufacturing automation process

Explore our approach to creating autonomous systems and machines that augment operations and workflows. We automate across a variety of use cases allowing your business to increase efficiency, maintain control, maximize throughput, and increase precision.


Related hardware capabilities

Explore our other engineering services, which allow our team to solve challenges for your organization and others, regardless of size, industry vertical, or product category.