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AR connects digital interfaces to the physical world, providing new ways for users to interact with their environment. Partner with Fresh’s team of AR developers to leverage best-in-class technology and change the way your users engage.

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Design new ways to engage in any industry

Augmented Reality can render virtual interfaces and 3D models in the real world on both handheld and wearable display devices. With this entirely new way of interacting with technology, it’s easy to imagine the impact on different industries.

For example, healthcare practitioners can use AR to view medical imaging in full 3D, with data superimposed from multiple sources that provides more insight and a better standard of care. Equipped with an AR headset, civil engineers can spot errors early on-site and act on the data during the prototyping process, proactively addressing problems, saving time, and generating maximum profits. AR can enliven marketing collateral, making it pop in 3D and providing companies with a new approach to engaging their customers.


Develop on any platform

iOS: Fresh’s augmented reality developers design experiences for Apple hardware and software, utilizing advanced cameras, motion-tracking sensors, and graphics processors to enable realistic and engaging AR experiences. 

Android: Our team utilizes Google’s platform to build Android-native AR, enabling devices to sense environments, understand the world, and provide new ways of interacting with data and information.

Wearables: Across a wide range of wearable devices, Fresh’s team leverages various frameworks to develop experiences targeted at your core users.

Hybrid: We provide guidance on how to create a more versatile experience accessible on any device your users prefer.


Industry-Specific AR Solutions

Fresh has over a decade of experience providing strategic consultation on implementing AR solutions across varying verticals and markets.

Shopping & E-commerce: Provide dynamic consumer experiences for your users to visualize your product environmentally, with built-in configurations and customizers.

Healthcare: Utilize wearables for surgical assistance, data imaging, and digital representations of medical information.

Marketing & Advertising: Create social platform experiences, location-based experiences, and compelling product augmentation.

Entertainment: Build location-based apps and augmented experiences, providing users with new ways to interact with your products and content.

Education: Design dynamic educational content for fields like mechanical engineering, biology, and chemistry, bring invisible processes to life.

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