Mobile Strategy Consulting

Creating a mobile app is a massive undertaking. To do so successfully, you need an experienced partner who can guide you at every step. Fresh’s team of consultants, designers, and developers can guide you through the process, from planning feature roadmaps and technology architecture to UI design and monetization.

From architecture to monetization

The majority of downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted by users. This can be due to poorly designed interfaces, confusion about functionality, or any number of reasons related to optimization and performance. The underlying theme is this: if you don’t strategize at the front end of a mobile development project, you risk your app’s first impression being negative.

Our team supports you with any of your mobile strategy needs. We abide by an agile development philosophy, with an emphasis on rapid prototyping. Rather than completing an expensive, time-consuming build that doesn’t resonate with users or hit your business KPIs, our team spends time at the beginning understanding what you need before developing concepts iteratively and testing out what works best.


Strategic consultation for any platform

Hybrid: Hybrid development is cheaper than pure native development because it uses a single code base. For clients whose desired experience needs to run on multiple platforms, we can provide the strategy and development talent to expedite your solution.

Native: With expertise in languages like Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Kotlin, the Fresh team provides mobile strategy consulting and development for native operating systems. If you need to optimize your app for maximum performance on an OS, our team can help.

Progressive web apps: The benefit of progressive apps is that they can run as a mobile app on your phone or be accessed via browser, allowing you to reach two audiences. They can also be written using the same language you use to write other apps.

Fresh mobile strategy services

Wherever you need it, we can provide support. From technical development to strategic planning, we help clients with every facet of mobile strategy.
There are millions of apps across Google Play and the App Store, and the market is highly competitive. Analyzing market data and other successful companies in your industry domain, we provide research-based insights into what approach will deliver you the most value.
Insights gathered from competitor reviews impact design and development decisions. From identifying opportunities for brand and feature differentiation to building on mobile approaches your competitors are executing well, we provide a 360-degree view of the competition, with added insight about how you can position your product on the leading edge.
Whether you already have personas or are looking to create them, we can help. Your personas help establish empathy for the end-user, surfacing key insights that aid design decisions. We’ll start from scratch or weigh in on what you already have, ensuring that they’re comprehensive enough to prioritize the right features and functionality.
If you have established KPIs, or are looking to define them, our mobile strategy consultants can provide guidance. This allows you to benchmark current performance and identify opportunities for continued improvement as your app scales.
We provide an assessment of tools and technology for clients who are just starting, but we often receive communication from clients looking to sort out their current application. With a deep understanding of available tools, your unique requirements, and the best options for ongoing support, we provide tailored recommendations to create a sustainable, scalable tech stack for your mobile strategy.
Creating a high-quality app is the first step. A well-defined onboarding and engagement strategy is essential to activating users in the short term, engaging returning users, and providing ongoing app support for long-term retention. Our team can help you craft a strategy and build the features and functionality that increase your chances of success at every stage.

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