Custom Software Development

Your business is unique, and off-the-shelf software solutions won’t always meet your requirements. Partner with our experienced custom software developers to identify the right stack of technologies for your optimized solution.

Custom versus off-the-shelf

Not all clients need custom software solutions, and that’s a core reason why Fresh developers spend time consulting at the beginning of projects. As a tech-agnostic agency, we can help you choose a truly customized approach. Our goal is to save you money and build a codebase that’s easy to maintain throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Fresh developers and engineers can augment your staff to provide additional coding prowess, but we also thrive when faced with uncertainty. Clients often come to us with a general idea of what they need but a lack of clarity about how to get there. We prize our process, which always begins with research and discovery to confirm that our recommendations meet your requirements. 


A sensibility for user experience

Whether targeted toward the user experience of developers maintaining a code base or the end user who adopts your final product, user experience design is at our core.

While performance under the hood of your product is essential, so is the experience of using the product. For products ranging from consumer-facing mobile apps to control applications used by an operator on an industrial job site, intuitive UI patterns and interactions are essential. With an experienced team of visual and industrial designers, we prize form just as much as function. Any custom software solution you invest in will be seamlessly usable.

Tailored software solutions

Whatever your industry or use case, we spend time diving into your unique challenge, then recommend the optimal platform and technology stack for your solution.
We understand how to work with companies of different sizes and across different verticals. For smaller organizations looking for a prototype that illustrates how to share data organization-wide to large organizations looking to accommodate increased system load and a growing user base, we plug in where you need it.
Whether creating a B2C application that allows your team to more efficiently log customer interactions or a B2B system that optimizes procurement and supply chains, Fresh developers utilize personas, user journeys, and interview data to build with the end customer in mind.
Whatever your needs, a custom solution built from the ground up or reimagining what you already have, we plug in and collaborate where you need it. We prioritize building workflows that make client collaborations effective and productive.

Related software capabilities

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