We created an immersive VR experience to showcase an organization’s transformative technology

The Challenge

HyperSciences’ propulsive force technology with the potential to transform industries like drilling, tunneling, mining, and clean energy. But the technology is complex and difficult to understand. We created HyperScience’s South by Southwest VR demo to simulate what the technology does and how it benefits clients and partners.

Our Solution

We looked at an actual use case of the technology and rebuilt the scene from the ground up. From optimizing the models and textures to creating environmental effects for additional immersion, we thought through every aspect of how to tell the story behind their technology in a way that captured interest and generated demand.

Services & Capabilities

Core Technologies

Key Contributors

Will Lingard
Will Lingard

Rebuilding the scene

We completely rebuilt the HyperSciences scene from the ground up and updated all materials. The tunnel machine models were drastically optimized while new rocks and realistic cave models and textures were added. The demo build runs at 90 FPS, with full shadows and environmental FX and lighting.


Cross-platform optimization

The project code and assets were completely restructured in a way that added cross-platform support for SteamVR as well as Oculus headsets. Whereas legacy iterations were confined to one device type, our goal was to create a device-agnostic system to reach a larger audience. In the process of creating the cross-platform experience, code and bug issues were addressed and improved.


Immersive effects

Fresh added high-quality FX for rock impacts and project shooting to make it look like the rock face was being shot away. We also fixed the animations and added audio FX to make it more realistic and immersive.