UI Animations

UI animations enable users to intuitively understand an interface at a glance, adding a layer of clarity without increasing cognitive load. Fresh’s motion designers can provide strategic consultation about how to add motion to your digital experiences seamlessly. We can also create animated assets using various technologies, including CSS, SVG, JavaScript, and Lottie.

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Interfacing with the subconscious

Humans perceive materiality, mood, and intent by the way things move. By tweaking subtle details, UI animation can quickly communicate how your product works and how it should make the user feel. Well-designed interactions can enhance a sense of efficiency or luxury, urgency or calm.

Fresh designers ensure that animation is usable at a practical level and implement it to reinforce brand identity and increase user loyalty and affinity with your overarching digital experience.

A comprehensive and integrated approach

Our end-to-end process begins with research so that our specialists clearly understand your business goals, your product goals, and the expectations of your target audience. After developing this core understanding, we design with the end-user in mind, emphasizing usability. 

We provide a customized approach based on your resources, timeline, and brand personality. From microinteractions to motion graphics, we ensure that every incremental movement on the UI also moves the needle for your company and brand image.

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