Motion Design

Scalable, interactive, and highly visual, motion allows you to communicate with users and enhance your customer experience effectively. Fresh integrates motion design with video, websites, apps, and physical experiences to convey your company identity, educate users on products and services, and encourage action.

Capture attention and trust with experiences that move

Our brains are hard-wired to understand and react to movement. Motion leverages human physiology, providing a shortcut for designers, developers, and marketers to quickly and naturally communicate with audiences without increasing a user’s cognitive load.

An intuitive and subtle addition to any product, motion improves usability, adds delight, and increases the likelihood of conversion and retention.

A customized, in-house approach

  • Scaffolded by stakeholder interviews, user research, and market exploration, we focus on creating tailored video and website content to generate engagement, improve UX, and bring your message to life
  • Our motion designers make complex organizational processes understandable through user-friendly 2D and 3D aesthetics, leveraged on websites, in explainer videos, and a variety of other media formats
  • We combine sophisticated technology with original art and animation to create high-end, branded experiences
  • We’ll help you integrate motion design strategy into your brand, enlivening company storytelling, advertising, testimonials, tutorials, or microinteractions

Our proven video production process

Explore our in-house video production approach utilizing original art, scripting, motion, and music to distill your message and provide a viral asset for evangelizing your brand, products, and services.


Related design capabilities

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