We analyzed T-Mobile’s legacy workflow system, then provided consultation, design, and development expertise to transform the organization efficiency

The Challenge

T-Mobile Towers offers wireless infrastructure across the United States to its customers and to others. Their customers were pleased with the high-quality wireless network service and the minimized time-to-market. But the site showcasing their towers and the application process had a poor user experience: the branded elements were dated, design patterns were obsolete, and completing tasks required more clicks than necessary. We were brought in to do a complete digital transformation reflecting the high-quality service that customers experienced when working directly with T-Mobile representatives.

Our Solution

Fresh strategists, designers, and developers rebuilt the T-Mobile Towers mapping system, online application system and created the first iOS and Android apps. After the success of the first scope of work, we won the opportunity to rebuild a workflow system utilized by over 100 employees, consolidating several other systems in the process, yielding significant efficiency and ROI.

Key Contributors

Sean Patterson
Sean Patterson
Sean McKay
Sean McKay
Jamie Malsam
Jamie Malsam
Annelise Smith
Annelise Smith
Teage Christensen
Teage Christensen

Building sophistication through simplicity

The best solutions are often the simplest. The core of T-Mobile Towers was a strong foundation to build from. But rather than adding features and overstuffing the customer-facing elements of the site, we went in the opposite direction. Thanks to upfront user research and technology optimization, the new maps were five times as fast, the online application system went from seven steps to three, and new mobile apps facilitated faster data access and customer applications.  Cumulatively, the integrated workflow system we built from scratch used by over one hundred employees helped the users be 200% more efficient. 

Simple doesn’t mean “less sophisticated.” In the case of Towers, the effort to decrease complexity required consolidating 5 different systems into one easy to use one, and yielded exceptional ROI, as T-Mobile later sold the Towers unit for over $6 billion.


The great news is that everyone is very excited about TrackiT 2 … I’ve gotten lots of feedback about how fantastic it looks and the ease of navigation through the tabs. The pictures are a huge hit! Thanks again for all your hard work and your commitment to good design. TrackiT 2 looks and feels like a Tier 1 product!

Allison Weinrod National Manager, T-Mobile Towers



More efficient workflow system used by over 100 people


New maps five times as fast


Towers unit sold for over 6 billion dollars