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Strategy Leadership Summits take a group of leaders with large, complex organizational challenges and build a diagnosis and facilitate a strategic plan, with key next actions. Change-making requires consensus, and a leadership summit is an ideal vehicle for a team coming to terms with its potential and limitations.

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Powerful cooperation and sharp focus

Strategy leadership summits help senior teams build actionable plans to deliver outcomes in business-critical areas. Creating a shared understanding of strategic direction is fundamental to innovation efforts and core business activities. 

When a leadership team is fully coordinated and able to understand their activities as part of the large plan, there’s a cascading effect into the business’s furthest reaches.


Tailored to your organization

Fresh’s Strategy Leadership Summits come in all shapes and sizes. From multi-day destination off-sites to remote asynchronous workshops, Fresh’s strategists and designers can create experiences that deliver the ultimate goal: team alignment. 

Fresh’s flexibility is driven by its product-focused, design-led approach, which employs the same rigorous creative engine as our software design and engineering practices. Our ability to build products directly influences our ability to help our partners plan and design for their future.

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