Product Strategy Consulting

Building a product is more than just designing it. Product strategy consulting considers the product’s competition and relative position, the product business model, and the messaging and marketing that we use to help you plan out what to build and when.


Where product strategy meets product desirability

Knowing how to make a product that is both enjoyable and pleasurable to use allows you to leverage your design against what is technologically feasible.

At Fresh, we’ll help you stretch your influence from hitting key business benchmarks now to creating a digital product that pushes the boundaries of your business in the future. By starting at the ground floor, we help you develop a strong scaffolding for your product roadmap strategy, minimizing risk and maximizing effectiveness throughout its lifecycle.


End-to-end product strategy consultants

As good as plans are, product strategy also involves testing your assumptions with end-users. Your existing business strategy will provide a set of concrete metrics. The overall strategy must involve situating the product within your budget while simultaneously pursuing the best way to accomplish the business metrics.

It will also involve developing your market, industry, users, competition, technology, and design expertise. To create a digital product that is both innovative and competitive, understanding your domain, users, and differentiation is imperative.


Build strategic impact with design and messaging

Making an intuitive and enjoyable product is a challenge. Starting with research, we develop a deep understanding of your users’ goals and needs. Grounding our design thinking in the research, we’ll help you create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that bring the product to life, with the overall goal of creating a minimum lovable product.

The messaging that goes with your product features is central. It’s imperative to develop content that tells your product’s story, thus creating a message that reaches your target market. As product strategy consultants, we pair design thinking and strategy to better understand the essence of the story you are trying to tell, then develop a compelling narrative that reaches your specific users.


Design for success

Strategy accounts for various key considerations: considering the competition, pricing, and the target market, while also creating a road map of the essential product features.

We’ll approach the challenge systematically. Integrating our team of digital strategists, designers, and developers, we’ll establish a logical strategy that covers all bases and yields an amazing product.

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