Autonomous Mobile Robots Development

Autonomous mobile systems come in all shapes and sizes, from wheeled to walking robots, drones, and even large industrial vehicles. The robotics team at Fresh has worked with them all. Whether you are building something custom, looking to modify something for autonomous activities, or need an engineering audit of your existing system, our team can help.


Core competencies for autonomous mobile robotics

  • Attachment and implement design and integration
  • Business dashboards and mission control manager
  • Cloud services architecture, design and development
  • Communication reliability optimization
  • Connectivity, communications, and network design
  • Custom PCBA development
  • Data integration and processing
  • Defining system use-cases, requirements, and other environmental demands
  • Discovery and understanding of business objectives
  • End to end market, competitor, and product analysis
  • Entity OTA update management
  • Entity tele-op control
  • Firmware development
  • Fleet health management
  • Fleet mission status
  • Full autonomous development, control and optimization
  • Gateway optimization
  • Operational cost management
  • Operations dashboard
  • Mapping, localization, and navigation
  • Middleware integration
  • Mission waypoint generation, management and status
  • Payload design
  • Point to point navigation
  • Resource, capacity and actuals management
  • Requirements definition
  • Safety and security
  • Scaling, servicing, and supporting
  • Sensor fusion
  • Sensor integration
  • Simulation based development and integration
  • System Architecture and UX design
  • Task definition, management and status
  • Telemetry and informatics capture
  • Telemetry management
  • Tele-op control
  • Testing and documentation
  • User story and scenario definition
  • Vehicle fleet inventory management

Partner, innovate, and deliver

From remote surveillance and inspection robots to small and large-scale material handling systems, Fresh has the experience, tools, and processes to help you achieve your goals. We orchestrate fleets, choose hardware and software, conduct end-to-end testing and system validation, and much more.

We provide you with a vetted, end-to-end engineering process that addresses every detail of robotic systems integration. Whether you’re just getting started defining system use-cases and requirements or looking for consultation about how to scale your system and integrated your data, we plug in where you need it.

Our proven autonomous vehicle development process

Explore our approach to building autonomous vehicles. We provide support with a flexible approach, creating new vehicles from the ground up or improving existing ones and testing for optimization.


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