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Fresh is your go-to partner for nearshore software development talent on demand. Our "nearshore-exclusive" model is the optimal synergy of proximity, cultural similarity, and cost-effectiveness. With a highly-talented nearshore software development team, we excel at helping businesses build websites, web apps, mobile apps, and much more.

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A nearshore software development company with rigorous standards for excellence

Whereas some software development outsourcing companies build teams without operational oversight and defined standards for excellence, our nearshore team model provides end-to-end consistency under one umbrella of Fresh. 

We quickly build teams of remote and onsite software developers and engineers to collaborate seamlessly with your team, delivering high-quality software guided by established processes, workflows, and best practices.


Nearshore software development support to scale your team and build your product faster

Fresh’s nearshore technology solutions give you end-to-end software development expertise. With a flexible talent sourcing model, we customize our approach to your company’s needs.

  • Multi-time zone support from industry specialists
  • Streamlined project management and contracting
  • Adaptability to client processes and workflows
  • On-the-fly team additions and project flexibility
  • Geographical proximity and real-time collaboration
  • Cost savings, flexible staffing, and access to new markets

A range of software development services to build the perfect nearshore team

Our nearshore software outsourcing leverages cutting-edge technologies to help clients confidently launch their products.
Front-end is rapidly evolving and an important part of our front-end nearshore application development team keeps up to date and staying close to new tools, trends and workflows, while being proficient on the current leading technologies. We're proficient in VueJS, Angular, React, Bootstrap, Foundation, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Flex, D3.js, Grunt, Gulp, and much more.
The back-end of a website consists of a server, an application and a database. Your outsourced development team will provide extensive experience in Node, C#, Java, and PHP. We can deploy these applications to the most popular Cloud-based hosting providers like Rackspace, Bluehost, DigitalOcean, InMotion, Amazon and many more.
Our nearshore agile software development team has experience building native and hybrid apps, for both iOS and Android, using technologies like Swift, Objective-C, Android Native, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Ionic and many others. We can also take care of the process of publishing your apps to Google Play and the Apple App Store.
Our team offers a wide variety of QA services, including functional testing, automated testing, and much more. You can either have our test engineers work together with your team doing regressions, manually testing tasks, or we’ll act as an independent nearshore technologies team. Manual or automation testing services include the definition of the testing strategy, design and development of test cases, testing execution, formal reporting, retesting, and closing.
Fresh’s holistic team can help you make critical strategic decisions across your product’s lifecycle, from initial idea to adoption, from service and maintenance to scaling.
Fresh project managers are critical to choosing and following the right approach for running a project. With their deep knowledge of the management approaches and their proficiency at applying them, rest assured that when you hire development teams, PMs guide them in hitting deadlines, maintaining budgets, understanding constraints, and delivering high-quality software.
DevOps combines software development and IT operations to shorten development cycles and continuously integrate and deploy high-end software. Nearshore outsourcing with Fresh takes advantage of this methodology, and the Fresh software development team uses an agile DevOps approach to build microservices and cloud software more effectively.

Proven software development process

Our end-to-end approach for creating efficient high-quality software products built on quality code and designed for scalability.