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The Unity game-engine is a powerful software environment for developing games and interactive cross-platform experiences. It handles graphics and rendering and has the ability to deploy to a range of mobile and desktop devices. Unity makes it cohesive for various systems to work together to process game-logic, simulate physics, deliver models and assets, play sound and music, and much more. At Fresh we have extensive experience with the Unity platform as an interactive engine for business applications, XR/VR/AR experiences, as well as full 3D scenes, simulations, and game-type projects.

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Why we use it

Technique Matters.

Ease of Development

Unity makes complex development tasks easier via an intuitive user interface. The C# programming language also allows developers to access and control the underlying game systems comprised of components, objects, and APIs.

XR/VR/AR Solutions

Unity's game-engine offers quality support for technologies in the extended reality (XR) space. It also powers high-end games and applications for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Developers can use Unity to target PC or mobile technologies, depending on project objectives.

High-quality Experiences

A powerful yet flexible graphics rendering pipeline enables developers to build both high-quality graphical experiences and low-poly, optimized workflows. Unity's real-time and baked lighting configurations make it possible to create realistic lighting scenarios with high-grade performance.

How We Use It

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Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds

Technical Director
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Johnny Rodriguez

Director of Strategic Innovation
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Will Lingard

Software Development Director
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Logan Bean

Video Director

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