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Docker is the leading enterprise containerization service in the industry, widely used across enterprise-level systems for companies including Expedia, GlaxoSmithKline, and Jabil. Designed as both a development and production platform, Docker provides developers with the capability to quickly build, deploy, and manage critical and secure applications. At Fresh Consulting we use it to build scalable and stable platforms that range from single sites to robust enterprise application projects.

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Why we use it

Technique Matters.

Scalable Platforms

Docker containerization allows us to build reusable images. With each image it becomes a simple process for us to scale horizontally, adding new instances of a given software on demand.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Orchestrating multiple containerized services through Docker means we're able to both build new enterprise-level systems more securely, and upgrade existing legacy and cloud native applications.

Portable Environments

From local code to production platforms, Docker is able to reuse the same environment, increasing development speed and reliability, because what we work with locally is the same as what we deploy.

What We Say About It

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How Enterprise Systems Would Benefit Your Business

At a high level, enterprise systems automate workflows and processes. Under the hood, they’re large-scale software packages that track and control business operations. For users, they provide a centralized command hub for essential business operations. Enterprise systems are usually technological ecosystems that incorporate a variety of applications, protocols, and formats. To create them, developers have … Continued

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Michael Weller (Mikey)

Michael Weller (Mikey)

Sr. Software Engineer
Randall Tateishi

Randall Tateishi

Sr. Full Stack Developer
Natanael Lemos

Natanael Lemos

Software Developer
Sean Patterson

Sean Patterson

Software Development Director
Khrisna Kamarga

Khrisna Kamarga

Robotics Engineer

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